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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Gardens by the Bay

Aloha Everyone,

“Garden City” is a perfectly fitting title for Singapore. All over the city, from the airport to highways, uptown to Chinatown and the  downtown financial center, tall trees, tropical plants and flowers are planted on every available space. One even see plants covering office buildings, apartment complexes and highway supporting pillars. These plants help reduce the carbon emissions and bring down the temperature of the city.

Gardens by the Bay, opened in 2012, epitomizes Singapore’s Garden City reputation.Singapore, during the past 200 years has increased, its land area by approximately 25%. Gardens by the Bay was constructed on reclaimed land. It is poised to increase its size with plans outlined to make this amazing theme park bigger and better.

Entrance to the garden is free, but there is a charge to access the Flower Dome, the world’s largest greenhouse and the Cloud Forest, where one can view the world’s tallest man-made waterfall.

This certainly was not an ordinary garden walk. At times J.J. and I were dizzy with so many colors and shapes, both natural and artificial. The collective creativity of planners, architects and designers impressed us.  

Aloha -- Cathi