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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Broadacres Market Place

Aloha Everyone,

Broadacres Market Place is a flea market located in North Las Vegas. What is atypical is that nearly 98% of the vendors and visitors appear to be Mexicans. Spanish is spoken freely and nearly all signage are in Spanish.  

Frank and I left our RV park at 7:30 am, allowing 20 minutes driving time to arrived by 8:00 am. We walked through each lane peeking at the merchandise though I had no inclination to purchase anything.

After about an hour, we agreed that it was an interesting change but definitely the Wetlands Park is far better, more beautiful and enjoyable walk. For $2.50 per person entrance fee and a large bag of hot roasted peanuts for $4.00, Broadacres Market Place was a good venue for a one time visit. I told J.J. that if he was with me, I am sure he would try some the tasty Mexican dishes on display.

Aloha -- Cathi