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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Students Music Recital

Aloha Everyone,

Over the past 6 years, J.J. and I have enjoyed attending “live” music recitals organized by our granddaughter’s private music teacher.  

Today’s was a Zoom Music Recital, a new experience for the teacher, her students and the audience. While the teacher hosted the Zoom recital from her home, each student logged in to join. The audio quality was not optimum as we noticed sound dropping in and out several times during performances. There were also delays in video transmissions.

On the positive side is that family and friends who reside far away were able to join. It was particularly nice to see our family and friends from Honolulu, Hawaii and Rochester, New York who stayed the entire program.

Our granddaughter was the last to perform. She played flute solo of Study in B minor by L. Drouet and No 6 in D Minor I, II, III by G. P. Telemann. It was a memorable Sunday afternoon.

Aloha -- Cathi