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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Timely Songs

Aloha Everyone,

Today I was introduced to two songs.

Xenosaga: In this Serenity is I suppose one can refer to as the theme song though it is captioned as “The Animation Ending Song”.  2:56 minutes long song sang by a female vocalist with soft, whispering voice is very fitting for its lyric. The YouTube I listened to can be followed in English, in Japanese or Mandarin Chinese.

What I find interesting is that use of Biblical mythology as well as principles of works of Carl Jung who founded analytical psychology and Friedrich Nietzsche, who among many of his achievements, is credited to influencing modern intellectual history.

Supermarket Flowers is by Ed Sheeran, a British pop singer, songwriter. It is a very personal and poignant song written about his grandmother from the view point of his mother.

Two different music of different genres but I found both to be appealing. Perhaps during this time of uncertainty and unrest, these particular music helps soothe us.

Aloha -- Cathi