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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Aloha Everyone,

Peacocks are flamboyant birds. Most of us think of peacocks with their tail feathers spread out with colorful, vibrant “peacock eye” designs. Females choose their mate according to the size, color and attractiveness of these colorful feathers.

By definition, only males are peacocks while females are known as peahens. Blue peacocks are native to India and green ones are from other parts of Southeast Asia. Peacock feathers are cherished by some as home decoration as well as for decoration for their large sun hats.

Peacocks are now found in most of the continents including in zoos and botanical gardens. They are abrasive and testy birds often seen chasing away other species by clucking and running trying to frighten them with a partially spread feathers.

I found that drawing peacock takes a lot more time. First of all, there are too many elements on its feathers to contend with and trying to emphasize the peacock eyes without getting overpowering requires a balance of colors and strokes.  

Aloha -- Cathi