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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Zoom Meeting with Hamilton Cast Members

Aloha Everyone,

Our invitation to join this special Zoom event was through our son whose colleague and his wife are amateur Thespians.  

There were 10 links for the Zoom meeting and we were grateful to be able to participate even though none of our family members are active in theater.

Two cast members, Jennifer Geller, who played the dancer, and David Guzman, “a swing and dance captain” talked about how they landed their roles in Hamilton.  David explained some of his challenges as he had to be prepared to be an understudy for all the choir and 4 dancing parts.

Amazing thing about a Zoom meeting is that Jennifer was in Florida, David was in New York, while the rest of us were in our respective homes in the San Diego area.

Both of our sons were involved in high school acting, singing, dancing, stage craft, etc.  I volunteered myself in assisting with the stage makeup of actors.  Hearing some of the stage lexicons brought back fond memories.

Aloha -- Cathi