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Friday, January 8, 2021

Winter Socks

Aloha Everyone,

I should know better than to get hooked by advertising messages. I have been looking for comfortable walking/hiking socks that would not bunch up, keep my feet warm and hopefully would withstand constant washing. I figured if I have 10 new pairs, they should serve me for the time being.

They are multicolored and fun to look at. Described as “winter vintage, warm wool socks, thick knit, soft, cabin cozy.’ Their copywriters have great imagination. I also relied on user comments. They seem to be friends of the manufacturer.

Of course the above is strictly my personal opinion and other buyers of these colorful “cabin cozy” socks probably adore them with loose threads to massage soles of your feet unless like me, you wear a cotton socks underneath to keep them rubbing my skin.

Buyers beware when you are making online purchases of unfamiliar products.

Aloha -- Cathi