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Monday, March 7, 2022

Basseterre, St. Kitt

Aloha Everyone,

From the 18th deck of Enchanted Princess, the view of Port Zante in Basseterre, St Kitt is fantastic. It is the prettiest Caribbean port we have visited.

The main center of the port had a provincial circus like atmosphere. We saw a man with three small monkeys dressed in bright colorful costumes. The man was trying to force his monkeys onto unsuspecting cruise passengers so he can ask for money. His monkeys are trained to jump onto visitors.

Many of the local attractions are in the downtown area which is located next to the port. Prices of taxi rides are supposed to be posted. However, to hire a private taxi for a couple of hours, we were quoted US $150-200 by a taxi agent. Beyond the beauty of the port, St. Kitt sadly is one of the poorest Caribbean islands. Their souvenir products had designs of elephants from Thailand and the highly promoted batik fabrics, produced in St. Kitt, are copies of Indonesian batik.

Cheers cafe had adequate WiFi connection allowing us to speak with Jeff.

Joining Roger and Amy from Michigan, J.J. and I enjoyed harmless banter on an assortment of subjects

We are outraged and heartbroken with Russia’s continuous carnage in Ukraine. Watching so many deaths and so much destruction, we feel helpless and inadequate. Our prayers are with Ukraine and those who are in the war zone on day 13th.

Aloha -- Cathi