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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Upgraded to Platinum Class

Aloha Everyone,

The meticulous records J.J. keeps of our cruise history did not correspond with that kept by Princess. We met with a Guest Services Officer who sent us to meet with Captain’s Circle representative and they were able to change our status.

Main onboard benefit for Platinum Class is 50% Medallion Net package which means we can access onboard WiFi at a more reasonable price :-)

This morning the two of us attended a presentation. It was to promote the upcoming islands which includes St. Thomas, Antigua & St.Lucia. Many of the historical anecdotes were contained in James Michener’s epic novel, Caribbean. 

At lunch, we met Marianne and her husband Jeff. She is a registered nurse from Pittsburgh, and he is from Ohio. J.J. and I were happy to hear that our next cruise ship, Regal Princess is their favorite. The two of us will be on Regal Princess for a total of 28 days.

Aloha -- Cathi