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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Port of Call: Funchal, Portugal

Aloha Everyone,

Highly promoted shore excursion activities in Funchal include taking a cable car to the top of a hill, hike around and visit a beautifully maintained botanical garden. One could return to the port area via cable car or ride a two person wicker basket aided by basket handlers sliding down one of their steep and winding streets.

J.J. and I opted to rely on our feet and walked nearly 1.5 miles along the shoreline route. Local chestnut roasted in gray ash had a milder taste than the ones we had in Spain, but still delicious!  At McDonald’s we paid €1.25 for a cappuccino to use their very fast and reliable WiFi.

Dinner theme for tonight was Asian fare. We have to forgive Princess cooks for confusIng Japanese and Chinese dishes. Under brightly lit Chinese red lanterns, a Japanese noodle dish was offered with a selection of 10 different chopped vegetables, 3 types of noodles, meat and soup base plus toppings of green onions and diced seaweeds. My miso-based vegetarian selection spiced with hot chilly pepper and sesame oil was good, but tasted far from any traditional Japanese noodle dish.

An excellent day for my daily walk. Finished 6.8 miles, exceeding my current daily target of 5.2 miles.

Aloha -- Cathi