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Thursday, March 10, 2022

World Central Kitchen

Aloha Everyone,

Feeling sad and helpless and wanting to do something for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is a common sentiment of people around the world. We have friends who are giving their time and money through local chapters of the Red Cross, churches, schools and social media.

World Central Kitchen (WCK) provides humanitarian response to communities and people in crises. Founded by chef José Andrés and his wife Patricia, they follow a simple motto of when people are hungry, send in cooks today, not tomorrow.

In his news interview, Chef José Andrés said, “You see, food relief is not just a meal that keeps hunger away. It’s a plate of hope. It tells you in your darkest hour that someone, somewhere, cares about you. This is the real meaning of comfort food. It’s why we make the effort to cook in a crisis. We don’t just deliver raw ingredients and expect people to fend for themselves. And we don’t just dump free food into a disaster zone: we source and hire locally wherever we can.”

J.J. and I contributed to this wonderful organization by sending a small donation.

Aloha -- Cathi