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Friday, March 4, 2022

St. John’s, Antigua

Aloha Everyone,

Dark smoke was visible from the balcony of our stateroom. Our planned 10:00 o’clock disembarkation was delayed due to a sudden tropical shower. Hopefully the rain helped extinguish the fire.

During COVID-19, our offshore excursion options visiting the Caribbean islands include always carrying our mask, government issued ID (US Passport) and proof of vaccination. 

For Antigua, passengers were informed that downtown district is easily accessible on foot. After walking 8 short blocks, the two of us decided to trace our steps back and look for a café with free WiFi.

US$10 for two cans of Coke is a fair price for securing an outdoor table and to access internet. Calculating that we are now 6 hours ahead of Hawaii, I spoke with Jeff on his way to school.

The latest on board COVID protocol is that masks are recommended indoors and outdoors except when you are eating or drinking. The two of us appreciate this ongoing mask recommendation. One of our dearest friends who were vaccinated and boosted got COVID. After more than two weeks, they are still suffering from the effects of the virus.

And finally, tonight’s comedy show closed with call for each of us do our share to give support and hope to Ukraine. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch western news reportage about Ukrainian victims of unspeakable carnage in the 10 days after an unprovoked Russian invasion.

Aloha -- Cathi