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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Cancellations - Malaga & Cartagena

Aloha Everyone,

The Captain’s announcement came via intercom at 6:30 am. With sincere apologies, he shared with his passengers that due to high winds at 45-50 knots, he decided for safety reasons to bypass both Malaga and

Our next ports of call will be Palma de Mallorca where we will stay for two days. It is colder but Regal Princess is sufficiently steady, despite the strong waves, for me to do 5.2 miles walking. :-)

The two of us shared a dinner table with two other couples with strong Hawaii connections. One was involved in the acquisition of Honolulu Advertiser newspaper in early 2000. The couple loves Hawaii but moved to Canada to raise their children.

The second couple had gotten married in Maui and spoke of returning to the islands. 

The six of us shared information about the cost of living in Hawaii and discussed alternative cities and countries we are considering for our retirement years. As one of our friends commented, those whom we feel affinity are adventurous, courageous and incipient travelers of life.

Aloha -- Cathi