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Thursday, April 14, 2022

J.J. Has New Pairs of Glasses

Aloha Everyone,

We found an optical store near our hotel. Using rather dated instruments, the optician carefully measured J.J.’s eye sight.

Once J.J. and the optician were in agreement, he wrote a prescription, had J.J. choose a frame and placed the order. 

Self-confident and kind with a trustworthy reassuring manner, the optician told J.J. that he will be happy with the result.

Cost for eye exam was free with a purchase. The total cost of €260 which included frame and glasses was discounted to €200. It seems that Greeks bargain even with doctors and opticians for their professional services. Since J.J. offered to pay in cash without asking for a discount, he automatically gave it. J.J. is very satisfied with his new glasses and is likewise happy that we engaged his services.

Aloha -- Cathi