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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter!

Aloha Everyone,

Rainy and chilly Easter Sunday In Athens. Happy that were able to do FaceTime audio with our family. Poor weather is affecting our hotel’s internet signal.

Our boutique hotel, full of old world charm, has 18 guest rooms. We have a street view and are able to observe the ordinary daily lives of Athenian. The downside is that we have to climb 3 sets of stone stairs to access the elevator which takes up two more floors to our room. Location is the selling part. The property is less than 10 minutes leisurely walk to the Acropolis.

Today for lunch, we chose a popular restaurant located just across the street from the Acropolis Museum. J.J. had a lamb souvlaki and I had a smoked salmon salad. With a complimentary dessert of rolled Baklava, we enjoyed our tasty Easter meal.

Restaurant prices have not climbed too much since November 2021. We are averaging €25-30 per meal for 2. Today, servers showed urgent eagerness to entice diners to take their seats. Once you are seated, then the service is slow especially as they try to get additional customers. 

J.J. and I continue to purchase bottled water. In restaurants. A 1 liter bottle cost €2-3. Most stores and kiosks would sell the same bottle for €1-1.5. Better to play it safe during our travels. So far we have continued to avoid any water-related gastrointestinal problems.

Aloha -- Cathi