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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

National Contemporary Museum of Art

Aloha Everyone,

When referring to traditional art, mediums are primarily drawing, painting, photography, print making, sculpture and textile. Subject matters are usually religious, portraits, famous historical battles or biblical illustrations. What makes contemporary art different and thought provoking is that there are no boundaries.

The museum had a lots of student groups. However with the exception of snack a bar and gift shop, exhibition halls were mostly empty. J.J. and I saw numerous video arts, performance via repetitive visual actions, installations, and sounds which were looped, attention grabbing including messages of protest against wars and destruction of our planet.

My favorite pieces were two bundles wrapped in colorful cloth just sitting in middle of a large gallery. It made me think of Hayao Miyazaki’s fantasy adventure, Spirited Away.

J.J. and I spent two hours relishing the extremely sanitized environment.

Aloha -- Cathi