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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Athens, Greece

Aloha Everyone,

Warm and sunny with today’s high temperature reaching 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the two of us are so happy to be back in Athens.

This area where our hotel is located is a short distance from the main tourist attractions. But it is also a little distance away from the hassle and bustle of where short stay tourist prefer to be. The two of us chose to enjoy a more laid back lifestyle where “locals” live. Here hopefully we are not constantly harassed by aggressive merchants, street vendors, beggars and pickpockets. Sunday afternoon, a younger crowd was enjoying camaraderie over beer, wine, ice cream and food.

On a pedestrian only street just short two blocks away, J.J. and I had our dinner of traditional Greek salad and Greek patties served with fries. With so many restaurant choices lined on both sides of this pedestrian street, I am sure J.J. will be able to find his favorite seafood dishes.

Aloha -- Cathi