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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Avocado Cartel

Aloha Everyone,

Mexican avocado farmers in the state of Michoacán consider avocado as “green gold.” The lucrative fruits, mainly sold to US, avocados and limes have been used by drug cartels to finance their business.

Roughly $2.8 billion worth of avocados are exported from Mexico to the US every single year. Organized criminals are trying to levy heavy taxes, manipulate and control the market.

Criminal organization stealing large plots of land with fully grown avocado trees, kidnapping avocado farmers, illegal diversion of water sources for their own farm use are some of the horrible tactics documented.

We noticed that prices for avocado from Mexico has increased by approximately 12% since 3 months ago. In addition to Mexico, they are grown in California, Central America and South America.  

I was able to find large fruits from Peru priced at 2 for $4.00. The Haas brand grown in California are being offered at two for $5.00 at Sprouts market. These avocados are stored in refrigerated containers, but they lack the taste and smooth milky texture of freshly picked avocado I’ve been treated to in Hawaii.

Aloha -- Cathi