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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Honu’s Brake Light Repair

Aloha Everyone,

Torrance Autohaus has a fading signage advertising “specialist in Mercedes Benz service and repair.” Unlike a Mercedes dealer, this place looked unpolished. Trusting their stated claim, J.J. pulled in to inquire about repairing Honu’s left back brake light.

After the person asked a few questions, J.J. felt comfortable that the person is a trained mechanic. Consulting his manual, and using simple tools, the mechanic replaced the burned-out brake light. His charge was $8.76. If we had taken Honu to Mercedes Benz dealer, it would have set us back by $150. (We paid $400 for an oil change.)

As you can see, Torrance Autohaus is not equipped with lifts to raise Honu to work on the undercarriage. However, for small repair jobs, J.J. feels confident that we found our mechanic. A reticent man from Bangladesh, he reminded us of a self-trained talented mechanic who could take apart J.J.’s father’s Landrover.  

Aloha -- Cathi