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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Online Patient Registration

Aloha Everyone,

The surgery center where I will have my first cataract surgery requires that I pre-register online. With J.J.’s assistance, it took us nearly an hour to complete the tediously detailed forms. Prior surgeries, prior hospitalization, do I smoke or drink alcohol, and listing all my medications and vitamins. My answers seem to indicate that I am in a pretty good health  :-).

Three prescription eye drops were ready at our Walmart pharmacy. One eye drop is to treat eye infections to be used 3 days prior to surgery 4 times a day.

Second eye drop also to be used 3 days prior to surgery 2 times a day.

Third eye drop is to be used 2 days after surgery. A chart provided by the surgery scheduling nurse is a good guide. 

The pharmacist mentioned that when I have to use multiple eye drops, give a 10 minutes rest time in between to make sure that my eye can absorb each medication. There’s always something to learn even in the simple act of putting eye drops.

Aloha -- Cathi