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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Dehydration in Extreme Heat

Aloha Everyone,

Torrance, along with many coastal cities of California, is blessed with year around temperate weather.  However, 65 degrees Fahrenheit by 7:00 am and rising to 85 degrees by mid afternoon, heat is a deterring factor to my daily walking regimen.

In order to avoid dehydration, I began employing the following 3 solutions:

1) Do my 60 minutes morning walk at dawn, before the sun comes up. 

2) Break my walk to 30 minutes per segment. Twice in the morning hours and once at dusk. Depending on my speed, I can do 5 miles in 90 minutes.

The water above will give me a chance to frequently hydrate myself. Dark chocolate treat also helps boost my energy level.

I realize so many of you are currently suffering from historical prolonged heatwaves. Please stay healthy, safe and hydrated.

Aloha -- Cathi