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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

First Appointment with PT

Aloha Everyone,

The Physical Therapist telephoned from the lobby exactly at 2 minutes to 7 am. J.J. and I appreciate punctuality.  When he arrived, I couldn’t even stand up from the sofa to greet him. After one hour session, I am able to walk free of pain :-)

The PT gave assignments for each of us to do until our next session on Friday at 7:00 am. With his permission, I will take photos and write about our Friday sessions.

I am very happy and grateful. J.J. and I went walking — less than 1/2-mile round trip to purchase a birthday cake for Marita. However, I stayed behind as I rather avoid a 90-minute van ride one way to Maricar’s home. He said that the Chocolate Truffle cake was a big hit. In his opinion, it tasted better than the Dark Chocolate Cake we took to Alex & Tintin’s party.

Aloha -- Cathi