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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Skin Cancer Screening

Aloha Everyone,

During our annual physical last year at Optum Health Care, we were recommended to see a Dermatologist to check for a skin cancer screening. Since both of us are cancer survivors, we take the word “cancer” very seriously. The great news is that we were seen by Dr. Reyes at Makati Medical, no relation of J.J., and was cleared that our skins are fine!

To celebrate this terrific news, we dined at Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 5. While their claim of “First in Modern Filipino Cuisine” cannot be validated, of the 4 dishes J.J. selected, we both enjoyed fried Pampano. This flat pan-sized fish is also available in the United States. 

Reason I like Pampano is that it does not have a fishy taste nor smell. Squeeze lemon or calamansi juice and it is good as any fish can get.

Being another holiday weekend, restaurants including Sentro 1771 were packed with young and young-at-heart, celebrating Valentine’s Day. The serving staff at Sentro 1771 were pleasant, hardworking and made it a good dining experience.

Aloha -- Cathi