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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

February Readings

Aloha Everyone,

Since last night, we lost our two WiFi router connections.  Initially we blamed the bad weather all over the USA to our inabilities to email or send text messages. Eventually we realized that our WiFi routers needed more loads. 

The good news which came out of this is J.J. and I went to bed at 7:00 pm, woke up 3:00 am after 8 hours of sleep. Extra time in the morning gave us plenty of time to gather and drop off our weekly laundry. More importantly, extra time was available to finish reading the four books I’ve been working on for February.

Among these, Age of Enlightenment is my favorite followed by Viking. One of our dearest friends, late Per V. always presented him as a real Danish Viking. Actually, the church our younger son, Jeff, was baptized had a small replica of a Viking ship hanging from its ceiling beam. Well from Viking, it was revealed that Vikings were from Sweden.

Greater motivation was required to finish Mongols and The Black Death. The latter’s explanations on how art, music (especially children’s nursery songs) and literature were influenced gave me “ah huh” moments.

Aloha -- Cathi