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Friday, February 17, 2023

Photogenic But Not Healthy Eating

Aloha Everyone,

To combat our healthy meals which tends to be repetitive and boring, J.J. and I decided to make some brave decisions to feature interesting but unhealthy dishes in one of our blogs.

1.  Deep-fried Butterfly Plapla (Tilapia all twisted and deep fried with eyes and gaping mouth looking at you.)

2.  Deep-fried rice noodle served with some kind of steaming sauce, and all stirred as you wait to be served.)

3.  Strawberry & Camias (supposed to be fresh strawberries and fresh Star Apples (sour tropical fruit) served with no ice cream or sugar). The waiter who takes your order and the server who brings it to your table are often not the same individuals. 

So, I didn’t try items #1 and 2 and took some sips of item #3.

Aloha -- Cathi