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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bird Footprints in the Sand

Aloha Everyone,

We all had a great night of sleep inside Honu. This morning after our breakfast, my granddaughter and I went out on our morning walk. We first spotted bird footprints in the dry sand on the beach.

Then we spotted a large flock of geese. As we approached the birds cautiously, without any warning they took to the air. It was too sudden to capture them with my iPhone as they flew away.

Our walking around the RV park took us a little over an hour. Then it was time for a quick refreshment before we practiced t'ai chi, qui-gong under the canopy of Honu.  After that I learned 5 different styles of Tang Soo Do kicks from her. Our granddaughter is light, agile and flexible and yes, very young. My legs would not kick up as high or as fast as she demonstrates, but after 30 minutes of working out, both of us were perspiring.

J.J. and I countered our granddaughter's reluctance of leaving the RV park by suggesting that she chooses her favorite restaurant for lunch. China Max was her choice and using my iPhone navigation system, she guided us to the restaurant. She selected her favorite dim sum dishes which J.J. supplemented with spicy selections for us.

With an understanding that this was only her first adventure in Honu and others will follow, we brought her home to the waiting arms of her parents.

Aloha -- Cathi