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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stan and Connie - A Wonderful Lunch at Phuket Thai

Aloha Everyone,

Stan and Connie are very special friends to our family. They bring so much love and positive energy. Their mere presence cheers you up.

We first met Stan and Connie nearly 11 years ago when they were interested in purchasing a property here in Honolulu.  However, they quickly became one of our dearest friends.  Our daughter-in-law, Jenny, and Connie are both from Indiana and they have a lot in common.

Stan and Connie make an average of six trips a year to Honolulu to enjoy their condominium unit, which has beautiful views of the Honolulu Harbor.

We had lunch with them at Phuket Thai, one of our favorite restaurants. Thank you Stan and Connie and Jeff and Jenny for the delicious food, delightful conversation and terrific company. What a wonderful way to spend our first day back in Honolulu.

Aloha -- Cathi