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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Breakfast with Jeff & Laura, Lunch with Larry, Dinner with Kumu Keahi

Aloha Everyone,

Jeff and Laura are from Battle Creek, Michigan. Jeff is a retired executive and he volunteers as the Executive in Residence at Hawaii Pacific University. They try to spend about 5 1/2 month out of the year in Hawaii.

Laura volunteers at a church organization that is affiliated with Hawaii Food Bank. She speaks very passionately about the challenges of those who are in need of assistance.

Jeff's advice on retirement:
1.  Before you uproot and relocate to a new place, try living there for awhile.
2.  Do your homework. Experience the community and culture of the place.
3.  You may think isolation is perfect but you need mental stimulation in retirement.

Jeff and Laura came to Hawaii about 20 times prior purchasing a property.

Larry is an astronomer who just earned his PhD in Astro Physics from University of Hawaii. When I first met Larry and his wife, Maureen, nearly 10 years ago, their son was a very precocious 3 years old. I asked Larry what advice he gives to his now a teenage son, they are:

1) never stop learning.
2) do everything the best way you can do.

Last August, Larry accompanied his son to Cooperstown Dreams Park in Cooperstown, NY. This is one of the best tournaments for under 12 youth baseball players. It provides the opportunity to spend a week living their dream, playing baseball in a tournament against teams from throughout the United States.

Each players are given 2 sets of uniforms: red and blue. Therefore when you are on the field, you are either red team or blue team. Larry felt that players dressed in the same uniforms removed any social and economic classifications. The boys were there to enjoy the game and the company of fellow players. It seems that for his son, it was a wonderful, memorable experience of "hanging out" with his friends.

Kumu in Hawaiian is translated as "teacher". Kumu Keahi is a Kumu of Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian Religion at Chaminade University. Kumu Keahi also works at Hawaii State Legislature as a broadcaster. Ke has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters Degree in Secondary Education in Physics . As if he does not have enough things to do, Kumu Keahi also takes care of his "Hanae Uncle" and mentors high school students.  He is a modest man and it took me over a span of 2 years to find out about him bits and pieces.

I am grateful for Kumu Keahi's participation in my yoga and medication class. He brings joy, compassion and powerful positive healing energy to those who are fortunate to come in contact with him.

Aloha -- Cathi