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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

John and Pat, World Travelers

Aloha Everyone,

John and Pat are world travelers having homes in Hawaii and Illinois.

They came into our lives nearly 12 years ago when they were interested in purchasing a new project that was coming up in Waikiki.

Whenever the four of us get together, we always have a very lively conversation on our favorite topic, travel. John and Pat are both retired postmasters. 

Since Pat's retirement nearly 2 1/2 years ago, they have been busy seeing our beautiful country. They have been to many of the places J.J. and I went with Honu but also  many other places we have yet to see. Pat became very animated when she retold us of their circle Lake Michigan trip and reminded us, "You must go during the fall and you must begin from our home as the starting point." 

We were grateful when they text'd us about Carter Lake National Park as a "must see" destination. It was worth the deviation.

John and Pat's voices rise one octave when they reminisce and recount their travel experiences in Greece, Turkey Austria and Slovakia. Pat looked straight into my eyes and said that Poland is one of her favorite international travel destinations  She said that she definitely felt a strong connection with Poland. John and Pat are now thinking about taking their grandsons as travel is a great education. J.J. and I could not agree more. If there is one thing  John and Pat regret about their travels -- "We should have started sooner."

The four of us had lunch at Auntie Pastos:

Danny, our waiter, took this photo of the for our us:

Aloha -- Cathi