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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Storage Locker, Lunch at JJ's Bistro and Joett

Aloha Everyone,

One of the advantages of living in the Ala Moana neighborhood is that many places are accessible by foot. This morning J.J. and I walked by Hawaii Convention Center to access our storage locker located on Kapiolani Blvd.

Nearly 10 months ago, we packed our home, gave away most of our possessions and stored personal treasures such as photo albums, letters our sons have written to us from the time they were barely able to form letters, art work and personal correspondences which were too previous to discard. So in the 5 x 5 storage locker, we have 3 pieces of antique furniture, some paintings and cardboard boxes.

Ala Wai Canal separates Waikiki from the rest of Honolulu. The area is dotted with condominiums, condo hotels and regular hotels.

The two of us walked to John and Pat's condo for a visit. The four of us then went to J.J.'s French Pastry and Bistro in Kaimuki for a light lunch. This is one of our favorite lunch places. My vegetable quiche was excellent and J.J enjoyed his single- size pizza.

The chef, J.J. is noted for his fabulous, mouth-watering French pastries. However, the four of us refrained ourselves from indulging in tempting sweets.

Joett and we go back nearly 40 years. Our first meeting was at Camping Spartacus in Pompeii, Italy. She is our comrade in travel as whenever we get together we are eager to exchange our recent travel itineraries and stories. Joett is self-reliant, independent, caring and adventurous. She always has a sparkle in her eyes and curiosity for learning something new and going to untraveled places.

Joett is leaving on Friday to participate in a wintry exploration of Yellowstone National Park with Road Scholars. (Yes, Road Scholars, not Rhodes Scholars. I will write about Road Scholars in another blog.)

Aloha -- Cathi