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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Keiro Senior Health Care

Aloha Everyone,

Keiro Senior HealthCare is one of the organizations where my Mother has been volunteering for the past 35 years. She teaches music to the residents who are still ambulatory. Today J.J. and I tagged along.  

My Mother (standing) teaching singing.

Two of her students accompanying with shamisen

While she was teaching her class, I met Mr. Takeshi Oishi, the administrator who graciously let me interview him and gave me some of the following factual information.

Keiro Senior Health Care offers four different senior health care programs at 3 separate locations.

The main facility is at 325 S. Boyle Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. Keiro Retirement Home has 127 rooms and can accommodate up to 154 residents.

Keiro Intermediate Care Facility offers services to those who require nursing care on an intermittent basis. The facility is in the building adjacent to Keiro Retirement Home.

Keiro Nursing Hone/Special Care Unit is located at 2221 Lincoln Park Avenue in Los Angeles. There are specific requirements for admission for all of these facilities.

Aloha -- Cathi