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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nightingale in my Mother's Garden

Aloha Everyone

A nightingale has made a nest in one of the trees in my Mother's garden.  He is small, grayish in color but his plain looks is rather deceiving.

I first noticed this songbird's presence last May when we returned to my Mother's home. I heard a bird song followed by another very different song. Then the second was followed by yet another, until I counted up to 7 different melodies. Curious, I went outside to look, as it sounded like at least 3-4 different birds were singing in chorus. This went on for a couple of days. Then I heard the singing at night. By that time, I was determined to look for the song birds.

Nightingale's singing is particularly melodic as the sun is breaking early morning or at the hours of dusk. Many people may ignore these birds sighting until one begins to sing.

Nightingales have inspired Aristotle, the Greek philosopher to compose poems on the sights and sounds of the the bird. William Shakespeare, John Keats, and T.S. Eliot also wrote about nightingale.

Some references have been made of male nightingales as jazz musicians. This is because a male nightingale may be able to to have a repertoire up to 300 unique songs.

Now that I learned a little more about this interesting songbird, I am looking forward to listening and enjoying a full selection of melodies our visitor may perform for us.

Aloha -- Cathi