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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mandatory Water Restriction

Aloha Everyone

The neighborhood where our son lives in has mandatory water restriction. Since their home's street address ends in an odd number, they are only allowed to water their lawn only on Sunday and Thursday and after 6 pm and before 10 am.

Within a walking distance from their house are parks, ponds, ornamental fountains and community green belts that are all well manicured, green and lush.

This is attributed to recycled water. Recycled water is also used for golf courses, freeway medians, school athletic fields and water for street sweeping purposes as well as to control dust at construction sites.

Near our granddaughter's school, I saw a house with beautiful inviting green lawn amidst neighbors' whose lawns are suffering from lack of water. It turned out that they have converted their lawn to AstroTurf (artificial grass).

Neighbors' lawn


Aloha -- Cathi