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Monday, June 1, 2015

Swanson Pool, City of San Diego Parks and Recreation

Aloha Everyone,

There are over 50 recreational centers, 13 pools and other athletic facilities under the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department.

Our daughter-in-law does laps at Swanson Pool located on Governor Drive. This morning she had her car serviced so J.J. and I met her at the pool to give her a ride home.

An energetic vibrant woman, Elise is full of enthusiasm for living. When I heard her friends giving her a belated 90th happy birthday wishes, I also wanted to wish her a happy birthday.

Standing on a curve of the parking lot, she shared with me her life philosophy. She is in excellent health.  Elise told me that she has been seeing the same doctor for over 15 years (hope I have the number of years right) and her doctor told her that he has never seen her but happy with infectious smile when she steps into his office. Elise works out in the pool, drives her own car and loves to travel to foreign countries.

Elise has a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in Psychology, a linguist fluent in French, Spanish, Italian and German. She is also a singer and a writer, and is currently working on her memoirs. When friends comment what an amazing woman who has lived an amazing life, her response is, "I made my life amazing!"

If she was not getting late for her book club, I would have like to have a longer conversation over a cup of coffee. Thank you so much Elise for sharing. We gave each other huge hugs as we parted company. I think my Mother and Elise should meet.  They have so many things in common.

Aloha -- Cathi