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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Carnival Cruise for Volunteers

Aloha Everyone,
J.J. and I love cruises. We have been on less than 10 cruises so we are still relative novices, but we enjoy the relaxing, carefree life-style that they offer. It is great to be able to explore an exotic destination for a day and then be able to return to the comfort and safety of your ship's cabin at night.
We recently saw a news release that Carnival Corp. announced a new concept in cruising. They will be organizing trips to a destination where passengers' objective is to do volunteer service.

Carnival's first Volunteer Cruise voyage will be a seven-day trip from Miami to the Dominican Republic. Scheduled for April, 2016, the ship's passenger load is limited to 710 people.
Carnival will offer basic Spanish lessons and other training on board and volunteer activities could range from teaching English to building water filters to cultivating cacao plants for a women’s chocolate-making cooperative. According to the news release from Carnival, the trip will be schedule on a regular basis   
J.J. and I are thinking about signing up.

Aloha -- Cathi