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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Las Vegas Scenes of Container Park and Market Place

Aloha Everyone,

We had an unexpected two hours wait for our shuttle due to a delay by a marathon in the downtown area.

During our wait, we met Dan from Minnesota who was in town to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Dave and his son Craig from Ohio were in town to watch racing car events. Craig is currently studying Japanese in Japan.

After our lunch at the Grill in D Hotel & Casino, Jeff and I walked to Container Park located a few block from the main area of Fremont Street. Created from re-purposed shipping containers and locally manufactured Xtreme cubes, it is a wonderful urban development.

The Market Place located just a short walk from Container Park towards the Fremont entertainment area was another surprise. A place where one can find fresh produce and excellent baked goods among other grocery items.

We had an early dinner with Jeff before we parted company. J.J.'s seafood pasta was by far the winning dish among the three of us.

Light show on Fremont Street

Aloha -- Cathi