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Friday, November 27, 2015

Perfect View of Mount Fuji And Tokyo Ginza

Aloha Everyone,

Mount Fuji is one of the most recognized symbols of Japan. At 12,389 feet elevation, it is also the highest point in the country. Over the centuries, the snow-capped peak has also attracted poets, painters and photographers. Mount Fuji is nearly a perfect cone-shapes stratovolcano often compared to Vesuvius. She lures casual and serious mountain climbers.

At Shin-Yokohama, my Mother was met by Kaori. Her Father is the master teacher of minyoū (Japanese music) with additional expertise with the bamboo flute. My Mother has studied under him and has the only officially recognized branch in The USA. Kaori is also a professional musician and singer and she loves my Mother calling her auntie.

At Tokyo Station, J.J. and I were met by Tomoko, the wife of my late cousin, who came to pick up my Mother's luggage. J.J. and I took a taxi to Hotel Unizo Ginza. My Mother will be staying the remaining 4 days in Japan with Tomoko.

Tokyo's Ginza is most famous as an upscale shopping, dining and entertainment district. From our hotel, it is about 3 blocks away or a 7 minutes walk. Friday after work, streets were inundated with cars and pedestrians.

And finally, here are photos of our buffet breakfast selections this morning at Himeji APA Hotel and the interior of Italian restaurant where J.J. and I dined this evening.

Aloha -- Cathi