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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Vegetarian Lunch at Krishna's Lotus Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah

Aloha Everyone,

Many restaurants close on Sunday in this part of the country where the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints is predominant. Looking for a place to eat is how we found Krishna's Lotus Temple.  

Located in Spanish Fork, Utah the temple is based on a devotional palace in New Delhi, India. The place serves as a venue for Hindi festivals, weddings and receptions. On Sunday evenings, they hold prayers and meditations and yes, yoga classes.

Admission to the temple is free.  Vegetarian meals are served in buffet style on the ground floor.  For the cost of $5 per person, one can have an "all you can eat" meal.  I loved my lunch but J.J. ate a little and kindly kept my company.

I removed my shoes and went upstairs. The tiled floor was cold and slippery. I sat on one of the four large rectangular prayer rugs for a few moments to take in the sight. At the alter which was about 20 feet away from me, I saw six Hindi Deities decorated in garlands of flowers. Fragrance of incense was overwhelming and I quickly descended the stairs to rejoin J.J.

Kirk has worked in computer technology. Now retired, he resides in the valley below. Kirk comes to the temple on Sundays and Wednesdays as a volunteer. He is not a follower of Krishna, but enjoys doing volunteer work. While we were there, Kirk was cleaning the temple ground.

J.J. and I also met two couples both in their 40s. First couple told us that they live in a town north from Spanish Fork and come to have vegetarian meals whenever they are in the neighborhood.

The second couple told us that they have been working in the temple farm over the summer for about 4 months as volunteers. In exchange, they receive free housing and free meals. This couple also added that they are not followers of Krishna but they love the calmness and peacefulness found at the temple. We wish them well in their spiritual journey.

We arrived at KOA Springfield/ Provo where we will stay for the next 3 days. The weather continues to be sunny and warm.

Aloha -- Cathi