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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Piñon Flat Campground & Rapid Grass

Aloha Everyone,

Sand dunes and mountains were beckoning us so J.J. and I came back to spend one more night at the Piñon Flat Campground in the Great Sand Dune National Park.

Trying to capture the unique and unexpectedly huge sand dunes with my iPhone camera requires perfect light, timing, and weather. We were told that the month of May is usually a good time to visit. The creek may have as much as two feet of rapid running water that is warm enough to soak in.

Starting with the sunflowers that decorate both sides of the road leading to the park, I spent sometime photographing wild flowers.  

Rapid Grass quintet was the featured performers for tonight to commemorate the National Park Centennial. Despite a chilly evening and damp benches at the amphitheater, about 60-70 campers were enjoying the event. Blue Grass is not quite our type of music. We stayed to listen to a few songs and watched people dancing to the music.  

Rangers are warning visitors of brown bears in the campground. We are to secure our food in the metallic brown bear resistant container. This applies to tent campers who seem to be occupying at least 50% of the campground this weekend.

Aloha -- Cathi