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Monday, August 29, 2016

Return to Mesa Verde National Park

Return to Mesa Verde National Park

Colorado has so many "love to visit" places on our list. It includes Pagosa Springs where this time we stayed overnight. In order to appreciate a place, its culture and people, at least two or more days are required. We have no excuses except that J.J. and I wanted to spend at least one night in Mesa Verde National Park.

Off US Highway 160 West, we had a chance to see the Chimney Rock National Monument. J.J. drove Honu as far as the road condition was reasonable to access. 

We also drove by the charming old Durango historic district along the banks of Animas River.  Durango was established in 1880 by Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company to serve the San Juan mining district. J.J. and I enjoyed riding the famous steam train during a previous visit.  

Mesa Verde (Green Table in Spanish) is enchanting and a spiritual place. One may experience connections with the land. Ancestral Pueblo People (previously referred to as Anasazi or ancient foreigners) dwelled from about AD 550 for over 700 years. They left more than 600 cliff dwellings. The park covers 52,485 acres and contains 4,372 documented sites. This is our 5th visit. The peace and quiet envelope us and rejuvenate our spirits. We felt a profound connection to the universe. Honu is tucked among low lying branches of horse-chestnut trees in the Morefield Campground.

Deeply grateful for our health, continuing support and love of our family and friends, I will practice the silent mind meditation.

Aloha -- Cathi