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Friday, August 12, 2016

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit & Watford City BBQ Festival

Aloha Everyone,

The distance between the South and North units is approximately 68 miles. We drove through the vast, fertile northwestern plains designated as Little Missouri National Grassland.

Juniper Campground located in the North Unit is on first come, first serve only. After securing a shady site for two nights, J.J. and I drove to Watford City to look for a restaurant. We stopped to take a look at the make shift tents and portable BBQ grills in the center of the business district.  

The "town folks" told us that we came by on the best day as they are having a BBQ festival.  However to J.J.'s disappointment, no ribs may be served until 5:00 pm after the judging is completed to crown the best rib maker.

We shared a corn on the cob, without mayo and cheese, much to the vendor's dismay, and beef and jalapeño nacho. The 40 miles roundtrip was certainly worth it as we enjoyed the truly "western country" atmosphere.  Conversing with the locals we learned of the unexpected oil boom followed by the bust, but the prices of real estate or the cost of living have not adjusted.  

Within this park, we are in the Central Time Zone. Early enough for us to attend tonight's program at the campground amphitheater. Educational presentation was by Ranger Jeff. We learned the difference between horns and antlers as well as different types of horns!  Important information for those of us aspiring to become a Junior Ranger!

Gorgeous sunset shot was taken about 60 steps from Honu.

Aloha -- Cathi