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Monday, September 26, 2016

Back In Roma, Hotel Archimede

Aloha Everyone,

What a wonderful 3 days in Artena. We squeezed three yoga and meditation practices and chance to meet Pier Luigi, a martial arts teacher and Chinese healing practitioner.  

Last night, J.J. and I prepared sukiyaki using locally available ingredients -- some quite unusual vegetables including sweet peach-colored pumpkin. We also substituted white Italian wine for Mirin or sweet Japanese rice wine.

With hugs and kisses and promises that we will see each other in a month, we parted company. Niké joined us for a snack of Cappuccino and biscuits at a cafe with a panoramic view of the Northern section of the city. Niké told us that this is one of the most affluent residential area of Roma.

For the next four nights, J.J. and I are staying at Hotel Archimede on a quiet street only a couple of blocks from Termini. This mid-size hotel with 150 rooms is classified as 4 Stars and charges €6 per person per night city tax in addition to room and taxes. Being greeted by smartly dressed English speaking clerks was a big give-away that we have stepped up in our hotel selection.

Tonight we plan to go to bed early.

Aloha -- Cathi