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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Termini, Rome's Main Train Station

Aloha Everyone,

A person can find almost anything from food, clothing and yes even a shelter via hotel booking services. The sights and sounds are both exciting and intimidating. One of the glaring changes JJ and I notice is how cosmopolitan the city has become. Today, what we sense is how international and multi-cultural the city has become.  

This morning's breakfast was at a Coffee/Bar shop in Termini.  For €3.50 each, we both had a cup of superb Cappuccino, croissant and a bottle of water.

We exchanged the leftover Hungarian Forint and some US dollars to euro; purchased a simple cellphone for our use in Italy. After a light lunch, we took it easy the rest of the afternoon reorganizing the content of our suitcases. So far today we've walked nearly two hours. J.J. declared "If we keep this up, I will be skinny!" We are back at the Termini to avail to the free WiFi.

Our dear friend, Nik√© is coming for us tomorrow noon! J.J. and I are eager and truly looking forward to seeing her.

Aloha -- Cathi