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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 2 in Artena, Italy

Aloha Everyone,

The last time we saw our friends was when the family visited us in Honolulu. Flavia was at the awkward age of 12. She is now married and a mature, confident mother of an adorable 5 months old baby girl. Flavia is also a restaurant chef and she has been whipping up fabulous dishes for us. Our "simple" finger-food lunch was delicious.

Niké gave us a tour of a section of her home including a room where her late diplomat father's original art works are exhibited. Niké also took me into a room where her own art works, including extensive etchings of Hong Kong, Venice, Rome and Sydney, are on display.

A quick run to a supermarket to purchase some ingredients for tonight. J.J. happily tasted samples offered by the friendly butcher.

While Niké went to Mass at a church near the piazza, I took another winding road to reach Santa Crocé, a prominent church located on top of the hill town of Artena.

The roads are too small for motorized vehicles. They use mules to collect trash during weekdays and provide rides on weekends to tourists.

Aloha -- Cathi