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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Santa Maria Maggiore

Aloha Everyone,

Our first main activities for today was to activate our Eurail Pass. The month-long pass allows us to choose any 6 days to travel within Italy.

One has to live the Italian way of getting things done. First step is to line up to ask which is the correct line. It took us 40 minutes waiting in line to activate our passes. Thereafter, we had to get into another line and wait 40 more minutes to get our reservations to Naples for Friday.

With that accomplished, we returned to our hotel for lunch and a much deserved nap.

A visit to the Santa Maria Maggiore was our second main activity. The entrance to most of the largest churches in Italy is free. However, you have to line up to undergo bag screening and security check.

Aside from seeing beautiful, famous mosaics, our main objective was to say prayers for Paolo, the late husband of Niké who is buried in the church within the family crypt.

Giorcio, a gregarious Italian man charmed us with his "Buona sera" greetings. And we are glad that he did. The antipasto, JJ's Spaghetti alla Carbonara were both excellent. I loved my Spinace al burro (spinach cooked  in butter) plus broccoli with garlic and chili.

Colin and Mandy from New Castle, UK sat next to our table. They try to take 4 to 6 holidays per year. They are wrapping up the Italian segment of their trip and leaving for Costa Brava (Spain) tomorrow for 5 days before returning home. Colin would like to travel through the United States next year to visit San Francisco, Las Vegas and some national parks. We invited them to contact us if we could offer any input.

Aloha -- Cathi