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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blustery Windy Drive

Aloha Everyone,

Traffic on I-10 was unusually light. It started as a beautiful, pristine sunny morning, ideal condition for me to drive.

Weather is unpredictable but this statement seems to apply especially in Texas. Within an hour, wind velocity increased. I had to hold on the steering wheel so tight and at the same time trying to avoid huge tumble weeds that seemed to appear from no where.

I acquiesced when J.J. suggested that I take the nearest exit so that he could take over. During all this drama, Jeff, our son called us from Hawaii. He was concerned when J.J. told him "Mom is driving and it is extremely windy. She will call you back later." When I was able to get hold of him, Jeff sounded so relieved that I was no longer fighting the wind. He also added, "I am sure Dad is happy to resume driving."

Our lunch stop was at a Cracker Barrel restaurant located in the suburbs of El Paso. J.J. had a cheeseburger which he commented was excellent. My southern trout was also very good. With three vegetable sides, it was more than sufficient for two meals.

Aloha -- Cathi