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Monday, February 27, 2017

Class Reunion

Aloha Everyone,

J.J.'s 50th high school class reunion was held at the Manila Polo Club.

As we walked into the large room reserved for the event, he was greeted by a number of classmates calling out his name, "Yeah J.J.!"  

De La Salle University (then an all boys school) is a Roman Catholic research university. You can start at Grade 1 and finish college. It is ranked as top three learning institutions in the country, although alumni consider it No. 1. 

Celebration commenced with an hour-long mass led by one of his classmates who is a priest. We had assigned seats, but the master of ceremony, one of J.J.'s close friends, called to transfer us to a "better table."

Buffet-style food choice was excellent and I was able to make a good selection of healthy items.

J.J. ate lechon. They had two roasted, whole pigs at the carving table.

Slide presentation of the entire class with photos of everyone then and now. There was also a tribute to those who are no longer living.

The entertainment was provided by some of his classmates whom J.J. recalls having a band while in high school. They were accompanied by professional singers and musicians. Choices of music were circa late 1960's reminiscent and reflective of their youth.

J.J. and I left before dancing got started grateful that we are able to attend the first event of his 50th reunion.

Aloha -- Cathi