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Friday, June 1, 2018

Gary to Rescue & Meeting Neighbors

Aloha Everyone,

Gary reviewed our list of things to do. He asked a few questions and started working immediately. He acknowledged that repairs we are asking are all minor issues such as sliding window shade, screen repair, locks on drawers, bathroom doors, etc. After 2 hours, Gary completed most of the items on our list and left us pleased and happy. If you are in the central Oregon area and need a repair service, here is the company’s website:

William (r) and Hans (l) have been friends and neighbors for 3 years. They also happened to be our neighbors at the Scandia RV Park in Bend, Oregon.

William, retired from the US Army and university is interesting and well traveled. He could speak words and phrases in several languages.

Hans, retired from working as a long-haul tucker, had seen the USA from a much different perspective than J.J. and I are doing.  It was enjoyable conversing with both gentlemen. 

Aloha -- Cathi