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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

South Dakota, Research Continues

Aloha Everyone,

1). The South Dakota flag illustrates the state seal surrounded by a bright sun in a field of sky blue. "South Dakota, The Mount Rushmore State" is arranged in a circle around the sun.

2). In 2018, the estimated population of South Dakota is 877,790.

3). The people of the Oceti Sakowin call themselves Dakota, Lakota and Nakota, which are dialectic distinctions between three major divisions of the Great Sioux Nation. Approximately 71,800 Native Americans live in South Dakota.  

4).  Geography of South Dakota is diverse. As you travel from West to East, there are striking differences: 

West/Southwest - mountains of Blackhills and unique landscapes of Badlands

Central: sprawling prairies and ranches

East: Fertile farmland and glacial lakes

5). Agriculture is the largest industry. Main products include the production of cattle, hay, corn, wheat, sunflowers, soybeans and honey.  

6). South Dakota has two major national parks: Badlands and Wind Cave. Iconic Mount Rushmore is a National Monument and Crazy Horse Memorial is a privately funded mountain monument whose work is in progress.

Tourism contributes about $2 billion a year to the economy.

 7). Famous South Dakotans include:L. Frank Baum - author, The Wizard of Oz, Laura Ingalls Wilder - author, Little House on the Prairie books

8). South Dakota has State Dessert. It is Kuchen, traditional German pastry translates in English as “cake”. Typically, Kuching is made with soft, sweet dough and has custard or fruits filling.

9). And finally, South Dakota State Song is called “Hail South Dakota”. It’s lyric is very informative and the melody is not easy for an amateur to learn. Please enjoy:

Aloha -- Cathi