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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

Aloha Everyone,

We celebrated Thanksgiving at San Francisco Airport with deli sandwiches, California veggie for me and crabmeat for J.J.  

When flight time exceeds 5 hours, J.J. and I try to book seats in the Premium economy - seating section between business class and economy.

Airlines advertise Premium Economy seat pitch and width to be bigger than Economy, thus more comfortable. Individual seats in Cathay Pacific has an 8” recline allowing you to sleep or sit upright. The meal service is “enhanced” which equals to getting better food choices. Welcome juice and champagne upon boarding, plus a bottle of water and steady flow of complimentary beverages were a nice touch.

Traveling on one of the busiest air travel days, we appreciated the priority check-in and boarding.  

A more spacious, quieter cabin compared to Economy seats, dedicated toilet for Premium economy passengers, larger pillow and headsets were definitely welcomed. Was it worth paying an additional 40% over the Economy fare? Yes, for the comfort and quality of service. Total time to reach our destination, including layovers, was 24 hours.

Aloha -- Cathi